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Sectional Tanks

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Sectional Tanks
Sectional tanks comprise bolted panels and a metal bracing system depending upon size. They are supplied in a palletised form for installation by our own trained erectors in the local market or for self-build for ( under our supervision on request )overseas projects.

Sectional tanks find application whenever access to the tank location is restricted or when large capacities are required. One piece storage tanks only being suitable for capacities of about 6 cu.m before handling limitations become dominant.

Some characteristics of GRP sectional water storage tanks are:

Corrosion free
Excellent hygiene from inert dense smooth surfaces
No site applied coatings or bonding
Taint free water
Modular construction allows for simple, assured, installation
No significant maintenance
IF the water tank is to be used as part of a fire-fighting system, FRP will be better suited because of its higher tensile strength (8 times stronger than poly at 25 oC and 15 times stronger at 75 oC).
The sectional tank is a carefully integrated design based upon the obvious requirement to prevent leaks for the life of the tank. This is achieved by:

Hot press moulding in matched steel tooling to allow manufacture of consistent, precise panels with extremely thick, rigid flanges.
Fully elastic, dry, EPDM rubber gasket system for ease of installation and no risk of leakage due to creep or age hardening of sealants.
High rigidity galvanised steel bracing system that is simple to fit and allows only negligible movement of the panel joints under load.
Attention to design details and an understanding of the life cycle of storage tanks.
In the home market BSF tanks are installed by our own site crews, this provides full feed back for product development and hands-on information to our designers. Throughout the tank only the most durable materials are used:
High grade isophthalic polyester resins with high temperature curing
Marine grade A4/316 stainless steel fasteners and metalwork inside the tank
Hot dip galvanised steel fasteners and metalwork outside
High performance EPDM gaskets
Supremely weather resistant ASA capped ABS shells to protect the high performance polyurethane insulation (optional)- the insulation covering the full panel area and being a class leading 50mm thick.